Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting a new place

Heather and I have finally getting a new place to live since moving to Pa. We are going to be moving into a townhouse in North Lebanon. It is a larger space for us, and eventually we do want to move into something bigger. Right now we were only able to get approved for a two bedroom one bath townhouse. The way I see it, is that it will have more room. Right now we are in a 25 foot travel trailer that has an extension built on that's only 10 feet wide and goes to the length of the trailer. The home is 887 square feet so when you do the math it is going to be a lot bigger. We are going to have a bedroom and a bathroom that is not meant for a midget. (LOL)

Now we are at the stressful time of the process, getting everything together so we can move. Heather is calling the electric and gas companies to find out what s need. We need to find out what if any deposit is required. We need to get boxes and find out what we are going to use to transport all are possessions. So please pray for us so we do not kill each other during this stressful time.